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    Rebecca Belmore, Vigil, 2002 (stills from a video of the performance)

    Mourning/remembrance/healing performance.

    This was a direct reference to the Pickton murders (murders of Indiginous women in Vancouver), which made it a public ritual with political end. The features of the performance were: scrubbing the streets, her arms covered with names of missing women, ripping a flower through her teeth, nailing her dress to a telephone pole and tearing out of it until she was left in her underwear (as recreation of dehumanization process and sexual violence inflicted upon them), and spoke the women’s names.

    Her performance brought the women alive again and simultaneously, addressed the invisibility of their absence (they were not given enough priority in the media and in police investigative efforts because of their low status in society as Indigenous women and as sex workers). 


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    Though I do not know the story of the Pickton murders, this is still a very powerful piece of performance art.
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    Rebecca Belmore, Vigil, 2002 (stills from a video of the performance) A work of mourning, remembrance and healing...
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    horrific injustice and fantastic art.
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